What We Fund

The María Fund focuses support on power and alignment-building process among community organizing initiatives in Puerto Rico, expand their capacity to do basebuilding work in vulnerable communities, and expand the infrastructure and capacity that will be needed for a long-term and powerful social change ecosystem in Puerto Rico.


We are interested in funding:

  • Grassroots groups focused on build power among people directly impacted by issues, to expand the base of those involved, develop leadership and strategies to provoke systemic change.

  • We support organizations that come together to build cross-organizational in order to provoke systems change through coalition-building, organizing and advocacy, among other strategies.

  • Convenings in the US and internationally, movement spaces, and processes to deepen shared capacities and learning on best practices for base building and mobilization

  • Organizations that focus on capacities that complement or support organizing and base-building efforts and are working in collaboration with grassroots organizations. This includes but is not limited to: legal education, communications, strategic research, healing, cultural organizing and popular education.

We do not provide funding to:

  • Organizations based outside of Puerto Rico. We are focused on supporting local-led, Puerto Rico-based organizations to strengthen the social justice ecosystem in Puerto Rico. We value our international and US-based allies in the movement towards a just and equitable world, and we want to give local groups priority in our grantmaking. It is part of our commitment to strengthening the local infrastructure and recognizing the historical inequality in the distribution of wealth and resources.

  • Organizations focused solely on offering direct services. The Maria Fund is one of the few funds directed at supporting community organizing strategies, and we are committed to this direction in our grantmaking.  

  • Individuals. We focus our grantmaking on community organizations that work with individuals in their community. We do not give grants to individuals.

  • For profit organizations or partisan organizations.

  • Events or sponsorship requests.



The Maria Fund does not accept unsolicited proposals. If you have any questions, you can send a letter of inquiry to info@mariafund.org.