Centro de Apoyo Mutuo Jíbaro

The Centros de Apoyo Mutuo Jíbaro (Jíbaros Mutual Support Centers (CAMji) were established between the municipalities of Lares and Camuy. The “Jíbaro” was included as recognition and celebration of the agrarian and ancestral character of the people that reside in the central mountain range of Puerto Rico. In October 2017, CAMji-CETA, CAMji Bartolo, and CAMji Camuy were born to address the needs of low-income communities in Lares and support the farm La Timonera. CAMji Bartolo, specifically, undertook rescuing an abandoned school and transformed 12 classrooms into apartments for 12 families who were left homeless. This space also became the inaugural place for the Café Teatro, a micro-company led by young people, and the Higuera Museum that exhibits collections of gig tree artists serving as an educational resource and work space for farmers in the region


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