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Building a New Movement Community in Puerto Rico

For the past two years, the María Fund has been able to support a local infrastructure of organizations and initiatives that are organizing towards justice, equity and a sustainable Puerto Rico. These organizations are committed to building power among directly impacted and historically marginalized people on the islands’. As an immediate response post Hurricane Maria some structured relief by setting up community kitchens, collecting and distributing emergency supplies, and coordinating brigades to take on everything from installing tarps, to opening up roads to reconnect communities. Others also assumed critical roles such as investigative journalism, providing free legal services, or focused on political education, arts, and revitalizing agriculture. Thanks to the overwhelming support of our extended community in the diaspora and beyond, the María Fund was able to tap into a web of resources that became a lifeline for thousands.


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After the Fear

Glenny Álvarez, 40, carries the energy of the sun in her voice. It never wears out; renewed between prayers, stories and dreams. For years her days have been lived in service. A few months ago she saw a poster with a cauldron. She thought of food. She did not know that, when she arrived at the event, at the activity, she would receive an entirely different type of nourishment.


It’s Time to Cultivate

Iris Climent, 28, speaks in short sentences. Her confidence is evident by the conviction in her words. The strength in her voice is in harmony with the way she articulates her dreams. Iris was born in Culebra, Puerto Rico. She left to study but was unable to complete her courses so she returned home. Now she works everyday at Proyecto Siembra (the Seeding Project), an initiative developed by the organization Mujeres de Islas 


Building in Time

A sharp sound is heard, like a giant spoon scratching against the sides of a boiler pot. Construction machines. There are around 50 homes. The cooperative that makes up the community has 150 members. Of these, only a third have managed to start rebuilding. Those 50 homes are the ones producing that sound.


To all the individuals, organizations, foundations, & community partners who have supported the María Fund’s work.

Thank you.

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